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BasicHuman-Care Environment Business



KyungDong BluePantone 293 or DIC 579
Process Color : C 100% M 70%

KyungDong OrangePantone 137 or DIC 2529
Process Color : M 30% Y 100%

Symbol mark of Kyungdong Group is the most fundamental element of CI (Corporate Identity), containing the aim to achieve corporate value of respecting human beings while expressing the implicit basis of human beings in Chinese character. Moreover, initial 'K' delivers the spirit to advance in both domestic and international market of Kyungdong's goal of 'Human-Care Environment Business,' along with Kyungdong people's promising spirit.

'Perfect Circle' in orange color, located at the upper left side of the symbol, represents the 'sun.' It resembles the vision of Kyungdong people, willing to become a light of life for human beings, in addition to the hope of 'creating warm place of life where customers and Kyungdong people become one.'